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SPOILER: Best Antagonist?

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Tetsu (Soltur):
Alex was not included because we have yet to fight him. He is not a game's main antagonist.

Saturos was great, but I voted for Karst. She was a great villain with a great motive.

Halcyonic Legend:
Saturos was definitely the main antagonist throughout the whole campaign.

Tetsu (Soltur):
My vote goes to Saturos. I just think that he was the most well-developed character. Menardi, in terms of development, was sub-par.

Halcyonic Legend:
Saturos definitely had the motive, although it was not an evil one. He just was too obsessed, and didn't let anyone in his way. He even went as far as kidnapping a little girl (Sheba). That's terrible. His people weren't evil at all.
Perhaps if he had talked about this to Vale in the first place, that whole mess could have been avoided. But then there wouldn't have been a game. lol.


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