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I just realized something...

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Star Magician:
The Golden Sun series has pretty much no fanservice at all. o_O

No wonder it wasn't a booming game  :55:


with the emote you used, you make it sound like you think it's a bad thing.

Personally, I think, given how everything's done, with headshots and sprites, that it's expected, but I can see like, maybe surprise in character design in general.

I mean, everyone's pretty modestly dressed.

I appreciate it, TBH. After all, that's what fanart's for. 8D

Star Magician:
Leave it up to the 'fans'... *cough* dA *cough*

And no, I think it's not a bad thing at all, believe that or not... lol.

I never really noticed until now that you've pointed it out.

--- Quote from: Axolotl on September 11, 2014, 03:49:52 AM ---No wonder it wasn't a booming game  :55:

--- End quote ---


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