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What are you reading now, etc.?

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Star Magician:
Now that I've finally started reading, I can start this topic AND be able to participate xD

I just started reading Sorcery Rising by Jude Fisher (Jane Johnson... can see why she has a pen name... there must be over 9000 "Jane Johnsons" lol)

Are you guys reading anything too? What do you normally enjoy reading? Are there any books you'd like to check out?

I have a goal to read the entire dragonlance series. (that's dozens of books, by the way) so far, I've read six.

Star Magician:
Wow. I just looked at the list... Good luck with that O_O

I gonna need it. this is a life-goal, by the way.

A Clash of Kings, the second book in The Song of Ice and Fire.


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