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My story I've been working on

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Star Magician:
Yes, the same one I've made little progress on the past 5 years or so.

Before I post any details, I want to know exactly who's interested and how many of y'all are. It will be a very very long post, so I don't want it falling on deaf ears (blind eyes?) y'know?

I originally had no plans on sharing it, but I will now for a couple reasons.
1. I no longer have any plans to make this into a written story. After thinking it over, the way I'd planned it out would make it more suitable for a game. It turned out that way because game stories are what I'm most familiar with. In fact, I'd say I'm more familiar with and have a better connection with those than all other types of stories combined. "Formatting" it into a novel at this point would mean I'd have to radically change it, and I would rather not because I like what I have created.
2. I've wanted to share it for a long time, but I've honestly been afraid to because I don't feel safe about posting my ideas online, and I've always had a subconscious fear of negative criticism. I really need to get over it because it's prevented me from pursuing other creative outlets, including making videos for Youtube or role-playing things. This can be considered step 1.
3. I've never gotten any feedback on my ideas due to me not sharing anything. I can't help but think my occasional feelings of disappointment or apathy regarding it is partly because of this.
4. Because I ♥ u guise. :3

Let me know if you're interested!

EDIT: posted some details on post 5 below.

Tetsu (Soltur):
I'd love to read it!

Star Magician:

There's already some deets about it here, but it's not much. That post was over a year ago too, just sayin'

I'm down to read what you're willing to share.

Star Magician:
Cool beans, cool beans. It's still gonna be a while before I post anything about it though.


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