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Colosso - RP Battles / Bara Magna Story Pitch
« on: March 16, 2013, 02:06:31 AM »
So, this is an experiment. I want to create a game out of this one day, but I suppose an RP World will have to do. Just want to see if people like it.

Bara Magna, or "Great Barren" is a Large Desert Planet which was formerly known as Spherus Magna, or "Great Sphere". The name change occurred during the aftermath of the Core War", a catastrophic event in which the planet's resources were near-completely expended. An unknown entity of great power was partially responsible for a majority of said resource-draining. The separation from Aqua Magna, or "Great Ocean" and Bota Magna, or Great Jungle was forever known as the Shattering.

After the Core War, the inhabitants made an agreement that they couldn't suffer another war. As such, the Glatorian System was implemented to settle things without much conflict. The Glatorian System is a sort of gladiatorial system. Each tribe has three warriors to represent it.

Primary Glatorian: The Primary Glatorian is to take a majority of the fights representing their tribe. Their fights are on foot, and utilize Swords, Axes, Or any other Melee weapon. Two weapons may be used in a single fight. Weapons may be swapped between fights. All Glatorian, Primary, Secondary, or Vehicular, are required to carry a shield into battle. This shield represents victory, the winner of the match claims both shields for their tribe, as well as whatever resource was being fought over

Secondary Glatorian: These warriors will fight only if their primary warrior is occupied or injured. Secondary Glatorian must also take the place of the Primary Glatorian if He/She lost their last bout.

Vehicular Glatorian: These fighters must craft animal-powered vehicles to ride upon during matches. Whoever's vehicle is disabled during the fight loses. The animals allowed in Vehicular bouts include any four legged mammal larger than a sled dog.

Reasons for battle:

Resources. Plain and simple. Each village has an exploratory team that searches for them. These include...

Exsidian: The only metal worth using for tools and weapons. Elemental power may be channeled through weapons or tools made from them.

Property: These include Oases, Springs, Ect, Ect.

Water Stones: Shiny blue rocks that are like egg shells. Except, they contain pure, cold water.

Personal Grudges: In case the village leaders don't get along. They can just have Glatorian duke it out for no reason.

The Tribes

The Vulcanus Tribe: The village of fire, Glatorian of this village are blessed with elemental fire power that can be channeled through exsidian weapons. They can control, create, and absorb fire.

The Tajun Tribe: The village of water, Tajun is the smallest village, the only water even there being undrinkable. Glatorian of this village take a risk using elemental power. Unlike other Glatorian, they cannot create more of their own element. They must use the water they have. Their power can also be channeled through Exsidian

The Tesara Tribe: The village of Jungle, Glatorian of this village can control, create, and absorb plants. Through absorbing plant-life, they can heal themselves slightly. They are the only tribe able to do so. Their power can not be channeled into Exsidian.

The Roxtas Tribe: The village of rock, their Glatorian can control, create, and absorb rock. Their warriors are very unique. Through unknown means during the Core War, their warriors developed Animalistic traits. Their Power can be channeled through Exsidian, as well as gain a more feral state through biting Exsidian.(Any mammal is acceptable)

The Vorox Tribe: The Village of air. Their Glatorian control, create, and absorb air. Their power can be channeled through Exsidian.

Alright, that took a while, but I finished. If anyone has any questions, or requires any clarification, I will elaborate. I may also add more, like locations, and the ability to have story outside the arena.

Suggestions / A day at the Races
« on: March 14, 2013, 03:55:26 AM »
So, I notice we have this "Gold" that had an economy crash recently, and I was thinking about what to do with it after we get the market up and running again. I was thinking we have a sort of arcade, with scores, leaderboards, and what not, and viewers of games could bet on the participants playing.

I may be a complete moron, but I think it's a cool idea. I got the idea for viewing games from LoL, and the betting idea from Mario Party 2

Before anyone asks, no I do not play League of Legends.

Introductions and Returns / The Fool of a New Golden Age
« on: March 14, 2013, 12:40:03 AM »
Oh my. 40+ pages of stuff to read. I do hope that most of it isn't relevant.

Well, I am Zattiri, and I came here on recommendation of my friend Nick. I think his name is "Nyran" here. Well, he's letting me use his laptop to do this, while right behind me, making sure I do this properly. Hope I did.

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