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Introductions and Returns / Hiya!
« on: September 22, 2014, 08:21:52 PM »
Hi everyone! How are you?
I'm Neshi and I searched for active Golden Sun community and I found it ! I'm here to meet new people and let you know about my actions and stuff. 

If you are interested, I'm working on Golden Sun Legends project together with Skyberry Symphony, hope you like this idea and will support it! Forum topic is here -> [link]

My long time favorite games are : Golden Sun TLA and Pokemon because of memories and nostalgia.
I love to draw and you can find my work on my deviantart and my tumblr. From time to time I do other creative things like music, graphics, animations.

Greets from the center of Europe!:3


The music of Golden Sun, re-done!

A dramatic retelling of this story of adepts, psynergy, djinn, gods and monsters!

With music by Skyberry Symphony and artwork by Neshirys

*YouTube Playlist

*Download the album on SoundCloud!

*See the album artwork!

*Info on tumblr!

Hiya, Golden Sun Fans !
I'm Neshirys (illustrator) and together with SkyberrySymphony (music composer) we realize "Golden Sun Legends" project (we're working on re-done soundtrack & illustrations). You can find info on our deviantart galleries or tumblr ( , ).

If you like our project, please help and support us. Share the info and our artwork on deviantart and reblog our posts on tumblr, subscribe on youtube for example. Let all Golden Sun fans know about our actions! We need more power from Golden Sun fans, more activity, more comments to know that people want to see more!

Thank you,

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