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Soaktropolis - Village of Spam / Re: That Random Topic
« on: April 17, 2018, 09:08:48 AM »
Isaac Smash moveset

A: regular sword slash, followed by an upward slash (A+A).
Forward A: heavier slash imbued with elemental energy
Down A: low stab with elemental energy. Similar to Marth's, but slower
Up A: upward stab with elemental energy.
Dash A: a running slash similar to Smash 4 Link, but faster with shorter range.
(Looks like his attack from Golden Sun 1/2.)

N-air: Two move psynergy hands briefly come out from the left and right side. Very low damage and knockback. Low landing lag, but high aerial lag.
F-air: A forward slash with elemental energy similar to Ike's, but faster and less powerful.
B-air: A back-handed up-slash with elemental energy.
D-air: A downwards sword swipe with elemental energy.
U-air: An upwards sword thrust with elemental energy. Looks similar to Isaac's in-battle Psy charge in GS 1/2.

Grab: Catch: uses the Catch psynergy. Has a semi-longer range that most physical grabs, but is a bit slower.
Pummel: The catch hand squeezes and shakes the opponent.
F-Throw: Force: the Catch hand tosses the opponent, then punches them forwards. Has the highest knockback of all his throws, and can hit other opponents.
B-Throw: Slap: The Catch hand tosses the opponent in the air and slaps them backwards. The slap hand has a mild wind box for any other opponents nearby, but won't damage them.
D-Throw: Pound: The Catch hand releases the opponent and pounds downward with a fist. Deals the most damage of the throws.
U-Throw: Lift: Lifts the opponent into the air, allowing for a follow-up aerial attack. Can be escaped from at lower percentages.

Side B: Move: Similar to Brawl, a hand moves forward, pushing people but dealing no damage. Takes a few frames to appear, but holding B down makes it last longer. Using it in midair pushes Isaac in the opposite direction but the hand does not go further if B is held.

...Now here's the complicated part:
B: Djinni set: Isaac swaps between the four elemental djinn while standing on the ground. Takes a bit of time to execute. Each has different effects on his aerials, tilts, and completely changes his Smash attacks, down B and up B. Grabs, throws, A and dash-A are unaffected:
⦁   Venus: (Default) Earth element. Has standard knockback and damage.
⦁   Mars: Fire element.
Benefits:Aerials and tilts have slightly increased knockback compared to Venus. Smash attacks use multiple lingering hits that are good for dealing with multiple opponents and causing more damage. "Firewall" shield has more durability than regular shield.
Downsides: Isaac takes slightly more damage. He also always takes 1 damage if hit while shielding. Recovery is more difficult.
⦁   Jupiter: Wind element.
Benefits: Increased lateral air movement and increased running speed. Aerials and tilts use lightning, which has increased hitstun (think Robin's Levin Sword). Knockback trajectory is changed to be more vertical for aerials and tilts. Good for combos. Some moves have windboxes. "Ward" shield can reflect projectiles with perfect shielding.
Downsides: Isaac is slightly lighter. Knockback is weaker, so KOs are more difficult. "Ward"  shield is much weaker than regular shield.
⦁   Mercury: Water element.
Benefits: Isaac is slightly heavier. Knockback trajectory is more lateral with aerials and tilt attacks. Some attacks freeze opponents briefly. Icy shield is similar to standard shield but slightly more durable.
Downsides: Deacreased lateral air movement, running speed and Up-B recovery is more difficult. Combos are more difficult due to increased lateral launch of tilts and aerials. Traction is slightly reduced.

B (mid-air): Isaac summons whichever djinni is set, causing damage all around him. Takes time to charge, but deals a lot of damage. This cancels all recovery after use, and puts him into a weaker Venus element state for 10 seconds: smash attacks will only hit with the sword, no psynergy spell will appear, and he cannot use down-B or recover with Up-B.

Up-B: Psynergy Cast 1: Depending on which element Isaac currently has set:
⦁   Venus: Retreat: Deals no damage and teleports, like the main character of all 3 games.
⦁   Mars: Planet Diver: Launches Isaac upwards quickly, then diagonally down/forward. Can grab the ledge on the way up but not on the way down. On the way down, bounces off opponents and walls, dealing a lot of damage, but is inaccurate. Isaac can't recover after bouncing off, but he can grab ledges. Landing on the ground creates a weak explosion, but it damages Isaac and has major end lag.
⦁   Jupiter: Cyclone: A small tornado carries Isaac upwards, with large lateral movement that can be directed with the control stick. The less Isaac moves to the side, the higher he will go. Deals no damage but has a windbox that pushes upwards. Windbox is much stronger when used on the ground, but not very useful.
⦁   Mercury: Deluge: A spout of water carries Isaac upwards. Deals little damage while pushing opponents away. Can be directed, but doesn't have much vertical or lateral movement.

Down-B: Psynergy Cast 2: Depending on which element Isaac currently has set:
⦁   Venus: Growth: Plants a small plant in the ground. Opponents can trip over it like the banana peel, but it can't be picked up. It disappears if tripped over.
Using Growth on the plant again turns it into a vine trap that deals damage when someone walks over it. Using it a third time turns it into a bramble trap that deals more damage.
Always disappears after 10 seconds if not triggered.
⦁   Mars: Fume: A ranged attack in the shape of a fire dragon that appears beneath Isaac and flies in an arc into the ground a distance away. Disappears if travels below the ledge.
⦁   Jupiter: Thunder Mine: Creates a floating mine of electricity that stays in place for a few seconds. Cancels recovery if used in midair.
⦁   Mercury: Ply: Will remove damage from Isaac by 1% at a time. Has a cooldown period.

Here's how the smash attacks are changed:

F-smash: Psy strike: A weak sword slash (like Link's first F-smash) with a follow-up signature single-target psynergy spell from Golden Sun.
⦁   Venus: Ragnarok: A large ethereal blade that crashes down from overhead. Has the most knockback of the F-Smash variants, but the shortest range, and most end lag. If the blade hits the ground, it explodes, but the explosion hitbox is weak. If the sword travels off the ledge, it will extend a short ways below the ledge before stopping and disappearing.
⦁   Mars: Heat Wave: A wave of fire flows forward, hitting enemies multiple times. Moderate range. Deals the most damage, but not a lot of knockback.
⦁   Jupiter: Sonic Slash: A wind-based blade of wind is launched forward quickly. Lowest damage and smallest hitbox but highest range.
⦁   Mercury: Cutting Edge: A water blade is launched forward. Opponents are launched more laterally if hit in the middle (sweet spot) of the edge, but upwards and with less power in the sour spots. Less range than Heatwave and Sonic Slash but largest hitbox.

U-Smash: Psy point: Isaac charges his psynergy and thrusts his sword upwards augmented with a spell.
⦁   Venus: Spire: A stalagmite erupts from the ground and encases Isaac within for a few frames. While encased, he has super armor, but still takes damage. The tip of the spire launches people upward, while the rest has weak launch power and damage.
⦁   Mars: Eruption: A fiery spout erupts upwards. Has vertical range similar to Palutena's U-Smash, but hits multiple times, and appears directly on Isaac, damaging him slightly. Deals the most damage.
⦁   Jupiter: Plasma: A neon lightning bolt strikes Isaac's blade. Average power, but faster than most of his other smash attacks. Higher power where the tip and bolt connect.
⦁   Mercury: Douse: A surge of water rains downward, pushing aerial opponents downward into the sword. Average power. The water that hits the ground pushes people away slightly.

D-Smash: Psy Zone: Isaac thrusts his sword in the ground, followed by a spell. Opponents on the ground hit by the sword will be buried.
⦁   Venus: Quake: The ground rises up on both sides of Isaac, burying opponents. Airborne opponents get launched, but not very far. Charging the move increases the vertical range of the quake effect and the burial duration. If opponents are already buried when the quake hits, it has high launch power.
⦁   Mars: Flare: A moderately wide ranged move that burns opponents around Isaac multiple times. Deals good damage, but takes a while and Isaac is vulnerable from above.
⦁   Jupiter: Bolt: Lightning bolts run along the ground around Isaac. Lower damage and knockback but quick execution.
⦁   Mercury: Frost: Isaac is encased in ice that gathers from the air around him. Opponents hit by the ice on the ground are frozen briefly, while opponents hit by the ice in the air are only slightly damaged, but not knocked back. Vulnerable from above.

Other notable changes based on element:
   D-air only spikes straight down with Venus element, and only in the sweet spot.
   Cosmetic elemental effects occur on Isaac's blade during aerials and tilts:
      Venus = orange glow. Mars = embers. Jupiter = bolts. Mercury = mist.
   Venus element has fastest fast-fall speed. The rest are the same.
Final Smash: Depending on the element, Isaac will use a powerful summon. Venus = Judgment, Mars = Iris, Jupiter = Eclipse, Mercury = Azul. They all have a wide attack range, but may not OHKO if the opponent doesn't have a lot of damage.

Other stats:
Weight: slightly above average, similar to Shulk.
   Mercury element gives him slightly more weight (Link), while Jupiter slightly less(Cloud).
Speed: below average, similar to Link.
   Jupiter gives him slightly more running speed, Mercury slightly less.
   Walking speed is slow, and does not change with element.
   Traction similar to Roy, average. Mercury decreases traction, making it similar to Shulk.
Jumping: From the ground, average. Midair, not very good.

Taunt ideas:
1: A Lift hand appears behind Isaac, and he sits on it with a smug expression.
2: Four djinn start hopping around Isaac playfully.
3. A "Yes" or "No" dialogue box appears. Isaac will select "No" unless you press the taunt button again.

Top 20 favorite songs in the rhythm game VOEZ

Good to know.  :kraden:

Aquoius - Village of General Chat / Re: Help me find this shirt!
« on: January 22, 2018, 08:50:29 AM »
If I had to wager a guess, that shirt is probably incredibly rare at this point. It may not be for sale anywhere.

EDIT: found it on Ebay:

Aye aye. You can count on me. :67:

I think you should change the title of this thread so people can see clearly what it's about. Also mention your previous name.  :sol:

I never bumped this  for 2016 because that year was basically the year of the delays. I only played like 5 games from 2016.

Favorite games of 2017:
  • Nier: Automata
  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Xenoblade 2
  • Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Gravity Rush 2
  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Rime
  • Prey
  • Tales of Berseria
  • Little Nightmares
  • Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash
  • Nights of Azure 2
Most anticipated games for 2018:
  • Dragon Quest Builders 2*
  • Darksiders III
  • Kirby Star Allies
  • Soul Calibur VI*
  • The Last of Us 2
  • Red Dead Redemption 2
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
  • Death Stranding*
  • Detroit Become Human
  • DragonBall FighterZ
*no release date listed yet

I finished it a few days ago.
I liked it quite a bit, but the story was much less compelling than the first game's. A lot more cringe and fanservicey aspects than previous games too. There are also some features that waste the player's time, which pads the game length, including the battle system itself.

I just got the program recently. I'll add the server to my list.

The First Great Spambot Plague of 2018 has been purged from our waters.

I did play it. It was really good, but not as good as the first, but that's a very high bar to surpass.

Holidays? What holidays?  ;)

The Future of Golden Sun / Re: which console would you like to see GS4 on?
« on: December 26, 2017, 01:51:32 AM »
There will probably be a Switch Mini in the $200-$250 range some time down the line.

Garbage Smash video #4

And a video about Pokémon Shuffle featuring my sexy voice once again:

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