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The Eternal Desert Fortress

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Tetsu (Soltur):
The Eternal Desert Fortress is a fortress in the middle of a very large desert. It is unimaginably hot there and the fortress seems impenetrable. It is currently in the control of Team Obsidian. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!

Whoops, I didn't notice this.

Arkane flew into the battle with his soarwing. He used wind to block the desert winds. Unluckily, the feathers melted. Good thing there's no ocean below... (Mythology reference ftw)

What's in Arkane's bag of weapons today? Huzzah, a rapier.

Ivan Strider:
A book flew threw the desert and landed in front of the doorstep. The book coughed up Luxaria. "I'm not traveling by book again. That was enough to make me puke." Lux pulled out his book-o-random books. "What use will I get today." Lux pulled out a set of grenade books. "Huzzah! Something useful." Lux threw the Book-o-random books away.

Nyran sensed the intruder on the sands. He summoned a Sandstorm, and raised a stone wall blocking Lux's shots

Arkane laughs. Sandstorms require winds!!! He bends the sandstorm winds away from him, adding more pressure to Ivan.


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