Topic: Tears of Harmony: Chapters 1-?  (Read 687 times)

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« on: May 05, 2013, 08:49:15 AM »
I'm going to write this and all feed back must be in the ToH feedback thread.

Notice the lack of prologue.

Chapter 1 part 1

"Ivan! Get up! You get your wish. You're going to Umbrilux! Hurry up before I change my mind!" Ivan's dad shouted. Ivan was a rebellioius boy. He had a good reason too.

His dad tried forcing Ivan to open his heart to darkness to carry on the Strider's legacy. He was then to be be claimed by Umbra, a special power granted to 15 year olds with hearts of darkness.

The Striders were the most powerful family in the world. All of their ancestors were Umbra masters too.

Ivan, however, did not want to be forced to carry on the legacy, so he tried everything in his power to stop it. So far nothing had worked, untill he found the book.This book was a special book that enabled Ivan to become the most powerful type of mage. (A mage is someone who knows how to casts spells of other elements than Light and Darkness.) He became an illusionist.

Ivan had dashed down the stairs with a suitcase all ready. 'This seems an awful lot like Harry Potter.' Ivan thought of one of his books and compared it to this moment.

Ivan finished combing his bangs over his right eye and hugged his mother. He looked behined him and saw his sister Sakura coming down the stairs with her own suitcase.

"Now if I find out that you have practiced any sort of way to open you heart to light, I WILL  pull you out." his dad sneered and scoffed. Ivan's mothers warm embrace and sweet nectarine smell faded as ivan broke apart and mumbled someting under his breath as he took out his book and flipped through the pages.

" Bye." was all he said and was there no more. His suitcase was gone as well. Ivan was finally free.

End Chapter 1 part 1
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