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« on: April 09, 2010, 11:47:56 PM »
Shall I tease you all, or just get it out of the way? Hm...

Well, it's great to be back here at Lost Waters. I WAS going to discuss this with a certain winged princess, but she hasn't been on Skype all that much, so I made the decision myself. =P

Me? Well, I left two years by the name of Phoenix. ;)

So I'm guessing the oldest of the oldest will probably know me; Sea, Neptune, Kuroi, Jo and maybe a few others. But if you're new, it's great to meet you! I was here at LW for a few months, but I always stayed in contact with these guys via TOK. Lately, I've been missing y'all and I felt the time was ripe to make a comeback. So that's what I did!

I'd still be Phoenix if SOMEONE hadn't taken that name, but whatever. XD I go by Blue Toad pretty much everywhere now anyway~ But it's great to be with you guys again, it's been far too long! C'mon over and gimmie a group hug. ^_^ NAO!

So, for those who are meeting me for the first time, what info do you desire? Well, I write fanfiction, I'm male and hail from England, I'm an avid gamer with loves stretching from Mario to Tales of Symphonia, from Space Channel 5 to Golden Sun. And of course eagerly awaiting GSDS!

I might not be all that active; I go to a lot of forums now'adays, but I'll do my best to make time and post when I can. ^_^ Again, really happy to be here again. See you all around!

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« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2010, 05:15:09 PM »
*shock.* It's phoenix!!! Welcome back.  :gshappy:

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« Reply #2 on: April 12, 2010, 01:26:47 PM »

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« Reply #3 on: April 22, 2010, 12:43:17 AM »
WeLcOme tO TeH fOruM