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Which area from TLA would you want to visit in person?


This will take some imagination, but if all the areas in Golden Sun 2 (whether they be the villages or obstacles) were real, which one would you want to visit?  I would want to bring my bathing suit and go explore Aqua Rock.

(The background during a monster battle gives you an idea of what an area looks like up close).

I'd most like to visit Prox. Nice cool weather, friendly people, and a ancient magical lighthouse nearby.

Of course I'd like to go to Lemuria even more, but when you go there, you aren't exactly visiting. In Lemuria, I could do what I already do, but for a lot longer.

Star Magician:
Lemuria for sure, but mostly Contigo. I just love the mystique of that area, and Jupiter Lighthouse would be a beautiful place if it was real.

Tetsu (Soltur):
Personally, I'd love to go to Jupiter Lighthouse or go to Xian.


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