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« Reply #30 on: November 24, 2012, 06:45:01 AM »
Saturos: Blah blah blah power
Menardi: Blah blah blah alchemy power blah blah blah.
Saturos: Blah blah rule the world blah blah power.
Menardi: Blah blah squashed peas bla-
Garet: Isaac!
Saturos: You, you ruined our dialogue. We spend forever making it sound evil.
Garet: Isaac who are they?
Isaac: Doesn't it seem obvious? They're bosses!
Garet: So we're supposed to beat them?
Isaac: seems like it.
Saturos: Ha! you think YOU wimpy teenagers can beat US a man and a woman with a sword and a sythe?!
Garet: Yah! because we're the main characters!
*music scratches and stops*
Menardi: you seemed to have miscalculated, because WE are the main villains. Hahahaha!
Saturos: now that we're finished here why don't we hop away like bunnies!?
Menardi: Yaay i love that game.
*saturos and menardi hop away.*
Isaac: What?!
Yes. It's true. I'm attracted to Males. Now you can all rest easy now that I confirmed it. Now we can all get back to our merry little uneventful lives now that I spouted this pointless fact that I spouted.

Have a GREAT day~

*rolls in happiness*