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« on: December 07, 2009, 04:27:07 PM »
Heya peoples. :alex:

I've a couple questions.

1.)  When you say you have clan battles and whatnot what do you mean?  Like RPing or mock politics?

2.)  How do you accept walkthrough/fan-fic/screenshot material for the main site?

3.)  How come the main page's header is different when I click a navigation link (I like the new one)?

4.)  And for sake of discussion:

 I want Golden Sun DS to be good.  Golden Sun was ok and Golden Sun The Lost Age was awesome.  Golden Sun LA is my all-time favorite GBA game (despite never managing to get all the djinni from the first game to pass over) and my and second favorite handheld game (after Advance Wars Dual Strike) and it definitely made my top favorite games list.  Kind of like Donkey Kong Country, Golden Sun really hasn't aged in quality, most games released for portable systems these days suck and it still tops them (not to sound stuck in a rut or anything), but it definitely says something for the "series" when my primary wishlist consists of two games, where one is Golden Sun DS and the other is Final Fantasy XIII, of all the many other awesome games to get that I know are out there I pair up a DS and a PS3 title.

Now this leads to my question(s), can GSDS top my/our expectations or fall below them?  I fear they'll fall short despite not wanting to think I don't accept newer adaptions, but I question the game's quality.

Instead of sprites we have 3D models this time around.  That's a heavy leap, and it may detract from the admittedly cute charm of the first game.  I liked my chibi overworlders a lot.  Also, with a notably less planar landscape, will the puzzling that made exploring a challenge prove less challenging?  I liked looking at the game as a grid and riddling it out like chess, but now we have a 3D chess board, will it be the same?

Maybe it's just my experience with bad DS games, when I see stuff like Star Wars Battlefront ported to the DS only to downgrade everything into a cruddy low-res experience, I die a little inside.  All too often the hi-res images on the cover of DS games outdate the game itself by generations.

Thoughts?  Expectations?

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« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2009, 11:19:25 PM »
Hey Dogma! ^^ Welcome to the TLW forums. ^^

1. It's battle RPs.
2. I accept the materials and put them on the main site if the author wants his/her materials put up. As for the screen shots, you just can upload them to the gallery:
3. The main site's skin changed? Did the first link have "?ns=" in it's location?

Well, I agree that the none of the DS games that I looked up didn't amaze me. They weren't even near level of Golden Sun. I don't know if Golden Sun DS will be better or worse than GS1 and GS2 , but I really look forward to it. It would be awesome to see the psyenergy and summons in 3D.