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The Future of Golden Sun / Does Golden Sun have to be for New 3ds?
« on: August 17, 2015, 04:39:02 AM »
I HATE the New 3ds, its a piece of junk!

Its the same freaken thing as the 3ds, just make games for the 3ds, the only reason they made it was because of stupid Xenoblade, nobody cares about Xenoblade, Shulk is stupid.

Just put that piece of garbage ion the Wii U since nobody cares about the Wii U when they can just conveniently pick up their 3ds and play.

I pretty much hate the fact that I already have everything on my 3ds, its even linked to my Nintendo Network account and its really stupid you can't link more than one 3ds system to that.

I'm not sure which is why I'll ask, can you make a separate 3ds account for Nintendo Network?

I was thinking of creating another account so I can have that for my second 3ds, or maybe if that's the case I would consider buying a New 3ds.

After all what if say you had a brother/sister who needed his/her own Nintendo Network account?

You'd probably share the same Wii U system, so it would make sense.

The reason I'm talking about New 3ds is because its a thing and the question is will Golden Sun be on the New 3ds or the regular 3ds?

Aqerame - Village of games and movies / Smash Ballot
« on: August 17, 2015, 04:20:10 AM »
It comes down to this and everybody better have voted for Isaac, he needs all the help he can get to get in Super Smash Bros, I don't care about any character that's not Isaac or anybody from Golden Sun, they are a waste.

I think it sucks we have to leave the remaining characters to be decided by a bunch of neck beards voting for idiots that are not Isaac. 

As for the stage, it doesn't matter, as long as its iconic and represents the series perfectly.

Oh and add dlc trophies, I want trophies of Garet, Ivan and Mia!

Introductions and Returns / Miss me?
« on: August 17, 2015, 04:06:31 AM »
Hey guys, look who's back.

I been on a long hiatus due to a lot of things going on, not just that, but my spirit for Golden Sun has been shattered this year when I didn't see Isaac in Super Smash Bros, then to make things worse I saw the one thing I dreaded since 2012, Mario Tennis Wii U is a upcoming game and because of that I lost a lot of hope for the Golden Sun series.

I been going back to stuff like Zelda and Pokémon along with Super Smash Bros, in which is still a fresh game, I love the roster, but like I said I really wanted Isaac in the game.

I will be making a thread regarding Isaac in Smash Bros.

I figured I'd make a Super Smash Bros topic regarding Isaac since this is technically a Golden Sun fan site.

I know we have a topic for all characters relating to this game, but I think we should have a Isaac exclusive topic now, as you all know its almost time for Super Smash Bros 3ds, and guess what we still have yet to see Isaac at all, he hasn't been confirmed nor has he been deconfirmed.

Now I find it kind of weird him not being deconfirmed by now because I thinkif he wasn't going to playable, he would of been shown as a stupid trophy long time ago, that's what I feel, I feel something's up if we have yet to see him as a trophy by now, in which I'm wondering considering there could be two more reveal trailers, could one of them finally reveal Isaac as a playable character, the moment we have been waiting for since we started playing the Golden Sun series?

Could he not shown at all, but actually appear as secret playable character?


As title says, what Pokémon would our favorite Golden Sun characters be?

I have a few.

Saturos - Shiny Gallade
Menardi - Milotic
Karst - Shiny Dragonair
Agatio - Emboar
Flame Dragon - Charizard
Doom Dragon - Hydreigon

Menardi and Karst's half sister - Clair, lol.  :))

Isaac - Venusaur
Garet - Infernape
Ivan - Emolga
Mia - Shiny Gardevoir
Felix - Torterra
Jenna - Delphox
Sheba - Smoochum
Dullahan - Golurk
Alex - Glaceon
Arcanus - Arceus ( the final boss )

That's somewhat what I have to start out with, what Pokémon do you guys think Golden Sun characters would be if tey were Pokémon?

The Future of Golden Sun / Customizable Adept
« on: July 12, 2014, 06:25:20 PM »
Ok get this what if in Golden Sun 4 the main character is our own customizable avatar kind of like in that new Xenoblade thing?

I think this would be a good idea especially if we're probably stuck with the Dark Dawn characters, I don't want to be Takeru, I feel he'd be just a male Himi, and I have to say I wasn't a big fan of Himi in Dark Dawn therefore I don't think I'd like Takeru.

I'd much rather have my customizable adept lead the group, and of course we'd get the Dark Dawn group like how we got Isaac's group in Lost Age, it would be nice to keep Karis, which I'm totally shipping my guy with her.

Of course we'd have to be a Venus Adept probably so the elements balance out with our allies we meet up with, but it would be nice if we could like have a few customizable moves that disregard the Venus element and we could pick from any psynergy in the game, I would love to see Agatio's Rising Dragon as a option for this.

So what do you think, would you like to see yourself as a customizable adept leading the Golden Sun 4 team?

The Future of Golden Sun / No More Boating Please!
« on: July 05, 2014, 07:27:10 PM »
I am sick of boats in Golden Sun games, remember the first game where only went on the boat once, that was the best thing ever, I'd rather just walk around the map to get to places, I want to play as Isaac, not a boat, and basically that's what you get with a boat.

I'd rather just have walking.

Oh and as for Soarwing, if that comes to fruition, then just make it like Fly in Pokémon.

Face it, the idea of the descendants failed, that's one of the reasons why Dark Dawn wasn't that good, I think we need to just stick with the original 4 in each game, they are the 4 most iconic protagonists of the series, Isaac, Garet, Ivan and Mia, just have them in Golden Sun 4.

As for Matthew's team, well here's an idea, the beginning of the game starts out that they set out to do battle with Alex himself in a scripted battle where they lose, kind of similar to Saturos and Menardi at the beginning of the original Golden Sun, thus Alex kills off the descendants from Dark Dawn, which is Matthew, Karis and Tyrell, the 3 seen at the end of Dark Dawn, and of course after words Alex vows to finish off all of descendants of the Adepts of Weyard, thus confirming Alex to be a villain, I don't know, maybe I just want to see Dark Dawn's protagonists killed off by Alex, lol, bring back the original Golden Sun cast.

They do, think about it, we get Lost Age Two Years after the original, not too bad, but 7 years with nothing was a long time especially just to get something of the likes of Dark Dawn which.

I feel Isaac should have been playable in Brawl for the reason of keeping us hyped about Golden Sun, and of course cause the first game was legendary, we're hyped about playing through it on VC, but still we're not getting the hype that how can I say keeps the Golden Sun series alive.

Lets look at Ness for example, if he was never in Super Smash Bros, Earthbound might of been the same way, even now we don't get too much Earthbound stuff besides Earthbound being released on VC, Mother and Mother 3 were never released outside Japan, but because Ness was a popular character because he was playable in Super Smash Bros, Earthbound still has hype, its crazy how much hype for a series Smash Bros can create.

This is one good reason to have Isaac playable in Super Smash Bros 4, I don't want to see the Golden Sun series die out.

We never forget the characters and the game itself, like Kid Icarus, we waited 20 years to get Uprising, and 3 years before that Pit was in Brawl.

Now here's what I want to see, I want to see Isaac be playable in Super Smash Bros 4 to create the hype we need for the possibility of Golden Sun 4, like how Pit did with Uprising in Brawl.

They should start making a bunch of Golden Sun sub prequels and sequels, Broken Seal could even have a prequel with Saturos as the main character, there could be a prequel to Dark Dawn with Alex the main character, stuff like that, they could even mark Dark Dawn as one of these types of games, maybe Dark Dawn could be like a Imposter Golden Sun 3 and the real Golden Sun 3 could be yet to come and that game would have our main guys which of course would be Isaac and friends, stuff like that, this is what I'm trying to say by make more Golden Sun games, otherwise the hype for the series just dies out.

I would love to see Golden Sun become one of Nintendo's main rpgs, that's the ultimate goal, but first we need to see Golden Sun start stepping up and Camelot is failing to keep the series fresh.

If Camelot can't get this job done, maybe Takahashi go solo with it.

With this said, I think Golden Sun could have its uprising, but as of right now Camelot fails to keep us Golden Sun fans hyped about the series.

I don't know why the first one was closed, there's still more to discussion.

So lets start with the remaining characters, what's you're remaining character guesses?

Mine are for veteran fighters, Ganon, Wario, Meta-Knight, Game and Watch, Falco

Newcomers, I'm going to guess Robin as a Fire Emblem character, there's probably a few others, but for now I'm going to go with Robin.

Possible dlc, if they did it, Mewtwo, and Isaac would be good ideas for dlc characters.

Soaktropolis - Village of Spam / Crossing Over With Camelot
« on: May 14, 2014, 05:17:58 AM »
Ok guys I saw something interesting, in Mario Hoops 3 on 3, there are Final Fantasy characters in it, because Square worked on that game, now if I'm not mistaking, Camelot makes the Mario Tennis and Mario Golf, then why not include Golden Sun characters in these games?

I been playing Mario Tennis since N64 and I have to say the N 64 roster is the only good roster, the rrest of them suck, why, because they put the stupidest characters in.

Look at Mario Tennis Open, all those characters were wasted spots because they were Yoshis, we only need one Yoshi in this game.

Metal Mario is lame, is was good enough to see Baby Mario back, they don't need Metal Mario.

It was bad enough Rosalina wasn't in that game, but not to include better characters, maybe those Yoshis should of been Golden Sun characters instead.

In Power Tennis: Power Tour, all these characters and look at them, generic, who are these guys, I'll tell you who they are nobodies, nobody cares about these characters and Wario is a NPC, wth!

In Mario Power Tennis, the roster kind of sucked, Peach got that stupid ponytail, which reall made me upset cause she was my main in Mario Tennis 64, I hate that stupid ponytail stupid Mario Sunshine, I hate that game for ever having Peach's ponytail, it was bad enough the Bowser fight was Bowser taking a bath, anyway aside from my hatred to Mario Sunshine, Mario Power Tennis roster was rather terrible, again Peach's ponytail turned me away from playing one of my favorite characters in the game, this was when Toad was no longer playable, they removed Baby Mario too, I didn't mind the rest being removed, but c'mon, Flyguy, Wiggler and having two Koopas was a terrible decision, also they should of replaced Boo with King Boo because of Luigi's Mansion.

They should of just had Koopa Troopa instead of keeping Paratroopa, I never been so bored with unlocking characters, I don't like Petey Parahna, but at least he had some purpose of being included because of Sunshine, I hate that game, ugh.

I'm not sure what they did with Mario Golf over the years, I only played the one for N64.

I think if they can have characters like Plum, Azalea, Nina, Kate, Alex, Harry, those guys from Power Tennis, plus the fact that FF characters were included in Hoops, then Camelot could definitely use their Golden Sun characters in these type of games.

Who said it was too late to include them in Mario Golf World Tour, make them the second DLC pack!

I want Golden Sun characters in Mario Tennis U.

Also put Waluigi in a Golden Sun game since he has nothing better to do with his life rather than, lets see besides appearing in these Mario Spin Offs, absolutely nothing and people wonder why he's merely a Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros, tats all Waluigi ever will be the way he is now, by time Super Smash Bros 5 comes out who's to say he wont be in at all, all it takes is Waluigi to be not included in any Mario Spin Offs to like wipe him off the face of Nintendo completely, he's needs something, I would like to see Camelot maybe make Super Waluigi Land, and of course include him in a Golden Sun game.

Golden Sun: The Broken Seal / Golden Sun on VC
« on: March 29, 2014, 04:04:10 AM »
So it's official, after like forever of waiting, we finally got something Golden Sun to look forward to, Golden Sun will be released on the VC in not just Japan, NC and I think Europe has been confirmed for April 17th.

So fellow Golden Sun fans, are you looking forward to this miraculous event?

Are you going to get Golden Sun on the Wii U VC?

Do you think maybe we'll perhaps see this and other GBA games on the 3ds VC?

I noticed the 3ds VC has been poop as of lately.

I sure am, this could be our big break, such as having Isaac playable in Super Smash Bros to celebrate the occasion and perhaps we might see the long awaited announcement of Golden Sun 4 sometime maybe this Summer, hopefully.

You bet I am going to get this game on my VC, finally my big brother, Saturos, returns as the main Antagonist!

 :saturos: Please, Agatio, call me Mystery Man until after the prologue.

Ok guys, this is the last thing we heard from Takahashi about Golden Sun.

Posted by Mark on June 11, 2012, 10:41:31 am

In an interview with Nintendo Gamer, Hiroyuki Takahashi said that if enough users ask for a new Golden Sun, it might just happen:

    A big reason for us making RPGs comes from the requests from all the people who have enjoyed our RPGs in the past. Perhaps if there are enough Nintendo users asking for another game in the Golden Sun series, then this will naturally lead to the development of such a game.

Don't expect a rush job, though: Takahashi has asked for "a bit of time":

    Speaking personally from the perspective of the story, I think that honestly it may not be so likely because Golden Sun really requires a full effort to be put in. But of course, if there are enough people saying that we really must create another game, then we may just have to listen to them. Still, you would need to give me a bit of time to work on ideas for the story before we could release a fourth game in the series.

Golden Sun fans, this is your chance.

So what do you think, this was said in a interview 2012, it's 2014, two years later, how much more time will we have to wait for Golden Sun 4?

What does this message mean?

The Future of Golden Sun / Golden Sun Spin Offs
« on: February 12, 2014, 04:02:51 AM »
It looks like Golden Sun has hit a cross roads, we might see GS4, but what happens after that?

See Golden Sun has a lot of potential for Spin Offs.

As silly as Golden Sun Tennis would be, for some weird reason Takahashi loves making tennis games, and actually I'd be all for seeing our favorite Adepts playing a game of Tennis.

A Golden Sun Prequel is a idea, it could be a game about Saturos and the rest of the Proxians, a game leading up to the cataclysm that started the whole Golden Sun series, the game would have Saturos and Menardi as playable characters, there'd be others, but all we know about them is they don't make it to The Broken Seal, perhaps after defeating the final boss triggers the so called trap that wipes out most of Saturos's men and then we know the rest.

Golden Sun, The Legend of Arceus, Alex, as Alex mentioned, he prefers to work alone, so how about a Zelda like game for Alex, sure he'll have supporting characters and we know who they are, but I'd like to see the Legend of Arcanus.

Golden Sun vs Fire Emblem in a cross over fighting game is another cool idea, I know fighting games are meh, but I think this would be a cool one.

Golden Sun in Super Smash Bros for 3ds/Wii U, Isaac as a Assist Trophy is just the beginning, perhaps maybe we'll see him playable this time, I can't say they'll put a lot of stuff in, but at least put Isaac as playable character, Felix as a costume for Isaac, Alex as Assist Trophy, trophy appearances of some of our favorites such as Mia, Matthew, Saturos, and a Golden Sun stage featuring iconic GS music such as Isaac's battle theme and Saturos's battle theme.

Prequel to Dark Dawn, but sequel to Lost Age, 30 years is a long time, they could work with this with a few prequels for Dark Dawn.

Spin off rpg for Felix, where did Felix go? Maybe he set off on a different quest altogether.

Who knows, maybe just when we thought the Golden Sun series was over, it goes back in time?

Think about it, maybe a time warping cataclysm occurs in GS4 and we are sent back to the beginning, perhaps back to the Saturos quest before The Broken Seal.

Then we see Golden Sun The Broken Seal and The Lost Age remakes.

Except maybe instead of ending at the Doom Dragon, we have to stop Alex.

Golden Sun: The Lost Age / Tiamat Queen of Fire Dragons
« on: November 29, 2013, 11:05:29 PM »
Ever notice that Tiamat is pretty much a huge Fire Dragon?

I mean look at her, that's exactly what she is, the only difference is Tiamat can use Dragon Driver, which is a summoning sequence type Psynergy as with normal Fire Dragons, all they can use is Dragon Fume and Fire Breath, however I but Tiamat can too if she was given the opportunity.

My point is pretty much that Tiamat is probably of the Fire Dragon race.

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