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Basically, due to the clutter of inactive GS4 topics, I have decided to make 1 topic to address all the subjects of those topics

So discuss everything about GS's future here

Alright my point of view:
GS4 will be released on 3DS unless Wii U sales increase massively
Camelot will announce it in 2-5 years
Isaac will represent GS in SSB4, as there will be a total of 50 characters according to Nintendo (so Isaac's position is guaranteed)
a GS5 is possible, depending on sales of course
at least 2-3 fangames are in development (One by Rolina)
I will make one in good time (It will be a surprise, and I will approach Camelot with it so no problems arise)
Someone will make a manga revolved around the first two games and/or events of how alchemy was sealed
We will have 8-16 party members in GS4
Dark and Light psynergy introduced in GS4, usable I mean (Rolina, I don't know why you say Dark and Light ARE fundanentalments, when no one knows that, unless you had an interview with someone who works for Camelot)
The main protagonist will be Felix' Son (Camelot will never, ever make a Female the main character, if they wanted, they would of done it already)
Isaac will die in GS4 or some other future game
Kraden will never die

Team Flare Zakk ( Agatio ):
Isaac will die?

Don't tell me he turns into a Doom Dragon and Matthew is forced to kill him.  :rolleyes:

16 party members is a must, and here's what kind of characters they should include


Felix's son
Hama's son or daughter, either that or Sveta returns

Too bad Tyrell and Garet have to be included though, especially Tyrell.  :rolleyes:

Final boss needs to be good, even if it's a dragon

Allow Alex to battle, I want to battle Alex

Why not have Kraden die?

Actually can he be removed, his dialog is boring, and if Alex turns out to be good, I would not be surprised if Kraden was the big evil of this series.

Star Magician:

--- Quote from: The Scorpion King on June 25, 2013, 08:45:43 PM ---Kraden will never die

--- End quote ---

Team Flare Zakk ( Agatio ):
I'm going to say my take on the possibility of a Proxian becoming a playable character.

First off Felix, he is reconized as Prox's strongest warrior and it's possible that's where he disappeared to seeing that Felix may have wanted to return to Prox as their hero.

Instead of Felix having a son or daughter that could end up being a copy of Matthew, he could be a sensei to a Proxian warrior apprentice that ends up joining the main cast as the new Mars adept.

Another thing it's kind of unnecessary for Felix to have a son seeing that Matthew is his nephew, especially if it is another Venus Adept.

Remember that area where Puelle was and there was like 6 Proxian apprentices?

First off, the girls looked like Menardi and the guys looked like Saturos, I wonder why they'd make them resemble important Proxian characters, perhaps there's a later use for one of these Proxians?

I do think Felix went back to train these Proxians though, and I do think Felix is going to end up in a storyline that connects with our new Mars adept, a Proxian that was trained by Felix.

Most of all at the end of Lost Age after beating the Doom Dragon, each and everyone of these Proxian apprentices where interested in getting stronger, so this could hint one of these guys being playable later on.

Does anybody else remember these Proxian apprentices?

If so do you think it's possible one of these Proxians can be playable in GS4?

Do you think Felix returned to Prox to train these apprentices?

Ivan Strider:
STAHP! I'm drooling all over mah keyboard. I want a girl proxian character and a girl Main Protagonist.


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