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Music that makes you want to bash your head repeatedly against a dumpster..

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Star Magician:
Simple thread. Talk about songs/music/artists you don't like and why.

I'll start with one of mine: Someone Like You by Adele.
Why: I've heard this song so many times that I hate song more than any other at the moment. Whether it was me having to hear it out of proximity of others' music players, or having to hear it at the store I'm shopping at, or having to listen to it MULTIPLE TIMES at work, it just never seems to go away. The song is also repetitive, her shrill voice only makes it worse, and I've never understood why she has become so popular, especially with help from a song like this. GAH, NOW IT'S STUCK IN MY HEAD. MAKE IT STAHP!

Your turn.

Most prog rock. I cannot stand it.

Star Magician:

--- Quote from: Scorpio on April 03, 2014, 09:56:09 PM ---Most prog rock. I cannot stand it.

--- End quote ---

Prog Rock is one of my favorites lol. Why don't you like it and what bands/songs turned you off it?

Aight, so a few years ago, when Katy Perry first happened, I decided immediately that I knew everything I needed to know about her, and that she sucked. She does, of course,
But TGIF, the Friday one, quickly became a shameful guilty pleasure.

I hated myself, and I expected the same thing to happen with ET, but it didn't. From then on, I felt safer about hating Katy Perry. Then Roar, and now Dark Horse happened. Tha belief of secure hatred grew ever stronger

Star Magician:
I too can't stand Katy Perry. She's a perfect example of everything wrong with the music industry.


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