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Does Golden Sun 4 Have To Use Dark Dawn Characters?

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Star Magician:
I can't really think of anyone who'd get it right outside of the battle system other than Monolith Soft. That's the problem I'm having because a lot of GS' appeal is the setting.

A remake though... hmm...

I think the Tales series devs over at Namco could do it, but they're quite busy being Sony ponies right now.

Maybe Nihon Falcom could do it... I don't know who else...

I'd rather it be done by a new team we've either not heard of yet or that hasn't been formed yet.  Even though it's been over 6 years, it still feels too early for a remake, you know?  I think we're more likely to get them when the series as a whole gets revisited. 

Star Magician:
As long as it isn't Squeenix or Konami.

Anyway, to go back on-topic, I think they would have to continue with DD's characters if the next game is after DD, or at least have another party meet up with them halfway through the game a la TLA.


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