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My story I've been working on

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Star Magician:
Well, here goes.

A brief synopsis:
The story I've created revolves around a 16-ish-year-old girl named Azalea, and a series of events that change her life and force her into a fateful role she is not prepared for. She is forced out of her home in the Heartland of a large continent by a series of unnatural catastrophic disasters that makes it impossible for any human to find their way back. The once-dominating landmark of the Heartland, an ancient towering spire of stone which can be normally seen from almost anywhere on the land, is no longer visible. The spire is a symbol of faith and a tool for navigators, and its absence causes widespread panic and doomsaying across the entire continent. Ancient wars between people of the land's two gods are rekindled. Powerful magic that hasn't been seen in milennia is revived by forces unknown to man. And all of these events are linked- but nobody in the world knows exactly how or why. At least, not yet.


Azalea was born within the Heartland's central and grandest city surrounding the spire, and lived there for about 6 years. Her father Roland was a servant to the god of light and order at the time, while her mother Malia was a talented seamstress. When Malia gave birth to another girl, Patrina, she passed away shortly after childbirth. Roland's faith began to dwindle after watching Malia suffer her "fate", or so he believed it to be, and decided to move away from the holy city. For about ten years they lived in the orchard farm town of Cahrina until their lives were changed forever by catastrophic events.
Azalea, having spent most of her life in peaceful times at home, is quite sheltered and introverted. For a few weeks before the catastrophes strike, she begins having strange, vivid nightmares and hallucinations of herself or others being killed or tortured. She tries to ignore them until one of them becomes reality. She has only one true friend in Cahrina, whom she witnesses being murdered only minutes before the catastrophes strike. She manages to make a lucky escape, only to become lost and unable to find her way home due to the spire's vanishing.
She eventually happens upon an unfamiliar town called Melansico, where her adventures begin to take wing after being led to a shrine that grants her powerful magic. That is, if she can overcome the recent series of traumatic experiences that will haunt her for a very long time to come.
Eventually, she meets up with a new companion named Cora for her journey. While Azalea grows fond of her rather quickly, she is hesitant to become closer friends because she's afraid to speak about recent events, and Cora at times reminds her of her dead best friend.

Azalea's first magic power is the wind element, which is the dominant element in this continent. There are other continents with their own respective dominant elements, but their magic lies dormant due to the divine power struggle currently focused in this one. When the gods descend upon the earth, it bestows the world with a burst of magical energy. When the gods leave, the magic slowly diminishes.

The only two gods worshipped by humans are the god of light and order, and the god of shadow and chaos. Most civilized people are unified under the light god. The dark god's people generally live outside of civilization, due to both their creed's nature and their lawless behavior.

Wind magic allows Azalea to propel herself through the air in short bursts, allowing her to sprint quickly, jump high, or fight quickly in melee combat. It is this ability that allows her to survive situations that would have easily killed her before, as well as help save her friends.

There are six other elements: Water, Earth, Fire(heat), Ice(cold), Life and Death. Mastering magic of an element grants one innate abilities corresponding to the element's nature. For example, wind users have supernatural reflexes, while water users are graceful and have exceptional coordination. On this continent, there exists six large monuments to each of these six elements that once housed great magic power and helped keep balance in the world, but they are sealed off from the public by ancient forces.

There are two different ways people learn magic:
-Basic mental training and instruction will allow one to slowly learn magic that is generally supportive and affects mainly the area around them. The more powerful trained users get, the more area they can cover, and they can channel magic effects for longer periods of time.
-Others may get lucky and have magic power bestowed upon them, such as Azalea when she enters the shrine. However, once the power is granted, the user enters a trance-like state where they must hone their mental acuity before they can awaken. This can be dangerous if someone remains in the trance too long, which can cause temporary or even permanent mental problems. These powers are generally more offensive, or affect the user briefly.

I will post more of my ideas eventually.

Star Magician:
Anyone have any thoughts or curiosity about this yet? I may post more if so.


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