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So one of the projects I have is to modernize the GS mechanics to a degree.  But just talking about that is one thing - actually doing something with it is another.  So I set out to create a character creator.

The creator itself has undergone several versions.  v1 was a purely RP thing, designed for the GSAR's RP before they burned some bridges.  v2 was essentially a version of V1 that added statistical support.  v3 was a bit of an overhaul from the previous one - it introduced djinn, combat roles, and refined the character balance.

This release is my v4 release.  The template was given a bit of an overhaul and is now optimized for 720p monitors.  Weapon types were defined and added, basic statistical support for weapons was added, the lexicon was properly fleshed out, spell types were defined and new spell types added, a basic spell creator was added (currently only supports base damage spells like gaia and ice), and a stat calculator was added.

You can find the current release here:  GS Mk2 System Character Creation v4.0

This is the first iteration of this version.  If you find any errors or want something in the lexicon added or clarified that I may have missed, please let me know so I can go in and edit the template and upload the new version for you.~

I’ll be updating this thread with character examples and a remix of The Heroes of Vale exercise from when I released v3, so keep an eye on it!

The next version will hopefully be released sooner.  That one will be the “Party Update”, and will add party support, alt-class support, and will have a much more in-depth spell creation system in place than the rudimentary one in v4.

Star Magician:
So I was able to use a file converter to look at it.

And I have not once made a O.C. based on Golden Sun, so I don't really know where to start here... o_O

I also don't roleplay online. So yeah.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. x_x

What program are you talking about?  If you ask under the software sub-forum we will know who should answer


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