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Now I know I said this at a different topic, but It'd be nice to start with it. :venus_djinn:

"I honestly could wait a little less tense, as long as I knew for sure if Camelot was making a new Golden Sun. I just NEED... Wait, let me rephrase that.  :01: WE NEED the storyline complete. :01: Honestly if they made a 4th Golden Sun that was A LOT better than Dark Dawn (Don't get me wrong, I liked it, but it could've been better) and the game answered most of the unanswered questions that we all have, It'd be a great way to end it. Hell, make it longer even. Longer than the other Golden Sun Games in my opinion.

Hell, if they don't want to make any more games for it, they should sell it to a different company (But hopefully try and keep the same storyline/plot writer) and have them make Golden Sun Games. :venus_djinn: And not Games like in a row. People on this site have mentioned spin off games and such, but what if after Camelot made the 4th game and sold the franchise, the company who bought it made those ideas into reality. Like the party you have is  :saturos: Saturos :saturos: and  :menardi: Menardi :menardi:, and you have unique party characters from Prox as well, but oddly enough they aren't just the fire element (Just an idea). The game has them leaving Prox at a low Level, and they go on a journey to discover lore and such on how to save Prox. Along with somewhere in there, you'd discover how they met Alex and such. There could be bosses protecting said lore, and eventually they find out that the information they need is from Kraden :kraden:. But this is the part after they lose their party in the trap in Mt. Aleph. Then it shows them pulling out  :isaac: Isaac's Dad,  :felix: Felix and  :jenna: Jenna's parent's, and  :felix: Felix. From then on it would be Golden Sun: The Broken Seal, told in the other groups position. I feel like many Golden Sun fans would find this game very interesting, as well as bringing newcomers to enjoy the franchise and become a young Adept. Also having the newcomer's playing the originals as well.

 :54: Driving me nuts not knowing what's happening in Camelot. :54:

What I'm saying is maybe Camelot doesn't want to give false hope to fans who feel very strongly about Golden Sun. Maybe they're out of ideas for the story. Get people to email them story Ideas. For the future of Golden Sun, the past, the In-Between, the other Characters origin stories, like enemies, etc. HELL MAYBE KRADEN :kraden: IS AN UNDERCOVER ADEPT :89:

It could be a game where he's young and goes on quests for Babi, and looks for a replacement of Babi's elixer and such, who know's. I'm just saying. Come up with ideas (But not mine, I'll be emailing Camelot my  :saturos: Saturos and  :menardi: Menardi game idea myself) and send Camelot an email! it'll give them ideas as well as realize that there really is a demand for more of the franchise.

I can make a whole Story for a game, and want this Forum to be a place where people can say their ideas for games in the Golden Sun series, and get some opinions of other people about it, constructive criticsim, etc.

Now what did everyone think of my Saturos and Menardi Concept idea? should I write a story and see if you guys like it enough and send it to Camelot?

Star Magician:

So if this is your idea on how to get Camelot to make the fourth game, you should know that it will fall on deaf ears since it's been tried before, and Nintendo does not appear to be interested in the series at all.

Not only that, this forum is very inactive these days. There are other GS forums that may be more active, but the general consensus here is that hope for GS4 is pretty much gone, which is one of the main contributing reasons for the GS community's wane. The rest of us who still pop up here every now and then don't even talk about GS anymore.

Given the current trends in the gaming industry, I personally think a remake of the first two games is more likely than GS4 at this point. But even then, I don't see it happening either.

I understand where you're coming from, but I"m still gonna fight for it. Whether or not if it continues the storyline, or remakes the games, Golden Sun NEEDS to come back. It's too great of a game to simply let go. If anything they should at least sell the franchise to another Game developing company. Or SOMETHING. I translated Camelot's Website, and found out that you don't need college or anything, you just need skills in Coding, a game idea, and etc. It'd be great if we had Golden Sun Fans go into that line of work and try and get it going from the inside.

Such a serious Convo, and we just met  :biggrin: Nice to meet you Star Magician, I'm Damon. :venus_djinn:

The one benefit of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn being a failure in sales is that it makes it much cheaper to buy it off from Nintendo. We could always try a patreon or kickstarter and raise up enough money to buy the franchise ourselves. The next is to find a group of people interested in the project who also have an idea of how to develop the mechanics of the game and the flow of the story. The hard part is music, since that I can imagine, will cost just as much as the franchise rights, so an original style must be developed (so long classic theme)

Star Magician:
Good luck getting Nintendo to part with any IP, especially outside of Japan. Just sayin'

It would be more likely that Nintendo would license it to a third party developer, but they wouldn't pick just anyone who's willing to throw their money around. If you wanted to get involved personally, you would have to start up a dev team, make a competent enough game to get Nintendo's attention (and release it on their systems), then persuade them to license it to you. Again, good luck.

Honestly, I think the most productive thing to do is to show Nintendo that we the fans are still interested and still want a completion to the series. The best place, in my opinion, to gather the fanbase would be the Golden Sun Reddit page, since many gamers may already have a Reddit account to begin with, and it is a place where game developers actually look and participate.

One thing, however. The fans should certainly NOT try to make a fourth game on their own. Nintendo WILL shut it down, as seen with almost every fan project that people have tried (AM2R, Pokémon Uranium, Mario 64 HD are recent examples).


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