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Okay guys. New idea. Movie. Live action. Everything. I talked with MomoSky/Skyberry Smphony (They made the soundtrack of Golden Sun Legends, it's on DevientArt) and they said that once we get far enough they'll compose a soundtrack for the movie. So as of right now, before we start talking to Nintendo about this, I would like to make a script. That way we have something to present to them so they'd hopefully be intrigued and see what we come up with. I'd like the script to be closest to the games as possible. I also realize that we can't cram both games into 1 movie, so it'd have to be a series of movies, but let's work one one right now to impress Nintendo so we can be sure they'd let us finish the series. If you want to help, just let me know!

Team Flare Zakk ( Agatio ):
My idea is ditch the cast from Dark Dawn, there is one man who can save the series... One man we all thought was evil, but it turns out he is the savior.. Alexa!!

Turn based RPGs are kind of dead now so I'm thinking they should continue the story with Alex as the main hero on a quest to save Weyard from the evil High Emperor and a perfect way to do this is make it a Zelda like adventure

Alex would even interact with the main cast from the first few games, theyd just be npcs

The combat system would transfer from turned based to action style similar to Xenoverse, and btw Alex can fly so basically I'm saying turn Alex into a Dragonball Z fighter and put him in a Zelda game, thats what I want to see with a new Golden Sun game.

Star Magician:
As ridiculous as that idea sounds.......... I'd play it.

If I were to make a GS game, I'd make Golden Sun Chronicles, a game set in the time before Alchemy was sealed and tell a story with new characters so as to not ruin Camelot's story that they refuse to tell, but still make a new game in the series. It wouldn't deal with the sealing of Alchemy, tough, but some other threat, IDK what.


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