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which console would you like to see GS4 on?

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3DS being the obvious choice.  If the switch released it, I would absolutely buy a console for that sole game.  What are some of the functions and capabilities you'd like to see exploited on the switch?

Star Magician:
I'd rather have it on the Switch at this point if they do make GS4, mostly because I don't really like the 3DS that much, and GS's universe would look great with better graphics.

3ds. Only because I don't own a Switch.

Tetsu (Soltur):
I agree with Scorpio. I'm a cheap dude, so I really don't want to fork out $300 or $400 to buy a console for a $30-$60 game.

I actually got a Switch new + Mario Odyssey for $180 at Gamestop. I just traded in a bunch of games I've not played in forever.


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