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What are you currently playing?

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Interestingly enough, I didn't see this topic anywhere. So I may aswell make it myself.

So as the title asks, what game/s are you currently playing? Are you enjoying the ups and downs of said games? Anything really catching your eye recently? Discuss.

As for me, Tribes: Ascend mostly. After years of slow shooters like Halo, CoD and the Battlefield games, it's refreshing to see an FPS on the market that stays true to it's speedy roots and doesn't tone it down for the newer generation. The feeling of speeding across the map at over 300 km/h (without a vehicle mind you, this can all be done with what you spawn with) grabbing a flag and then returning it to you base all within the timespan of roughly 10 seconds is certanly something you just don't get in modern shooters.

Also Beta testing Firefall and Path of Exile. Google is your friend for those.

I've been playing the fanmade Chrono Trigger sequel, Flames of Eternity.

It seems pretty good so far.

Not sure why, but I tend to stay far away from fan-made games for well known series. Mostly because you have to sift through large piles or garbage to find something good.

Also downloading the Guild Wars 2 beta client as I type this.

I understand. I only got it because someone on Omegle (maybe?) suggested it. And since I've already played through the real game far too many times, I figured hey.

Fair enough. I tend to just replay my DS version over and over.

Right now, playing the 7 hour Guild Wars 2 beta. I think I may fall in love with this game.


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