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say something nice about the guy above you

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instead of insulting others this a topic to celebrate our online community and the poeple who are in it.
so say something nice about your fellow member.
or make a good picture about him

this is epic nyran

Tetsu (Soltur):
That was a good picture! I wish I could do that kind of stuff...:(

Anyways, Will is a very kind soul that always brings a piece of creativity and inquisitivity into discussions.

Soltur is a soldier who you know you can trust during hard time,s

and he is a good speller to  :cool:

Tetsu (Soltur):
:) Yeah, years of strict parents'll do that to ya! And a reliable soldier? Interesting...;)

Will has the potential to create amazing stories.

never realized that 0_o

soltur has the abillty to create amazing story,s to read.
he really always excited what happens next.


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