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I am strongly considering making a dating profile.

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Star Magician:
...Except it would only display my worst personal qualities exaggerated to the extreme. There would be lulz to be had.

Should I? :>

(I don't know what site yet.)

Halcyonic Legend:
LMAO I have seen some interesting profiles in my time. Especially on Tinder. lol.

I second your motion! Should definitely make an eHarmony account, and maybe Farmer's Only.
Don't forget Christian Mingle!

Star Magician:

--- Quote from: Halcyonic Legend on April 28, 2016, 03:14:51 AM --- Christian Mingle!

--- End quote ---


Black People Meet~

Team Flare Zakk ( Agatio ):
The only problem with that, star is you'll attract a bunch of guys like Wrestling Otaku that call themselves "The Ultimate Protagonist" Lol.


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