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« on: November 25, 2012, 01:08:31 PM »
this while be a story only Sol member can join.  (with sol i mean mars and jupiter too) 
their mission is to take down and leader of the luna clan.
i while be the story writer so won't join the fray againt the luna clan leader.
instead i will be playing the luna clan leader and his companions

it goes on those 2 charchters. you will find more info over them. in the TLW project.

name: greyfield.
Gender: male
Element: Luna
Home: the luna main base
description: one of the leaders of the luna clan. is a madmen with crazy idea,s is very powerfull. while do anything to acomplish his plans. he is know to kill his own fellow members when the fail their missions for him. has acces to unknow weapons and luna psyenergy.
Looks: is a tall large men with brown hair and a mustache. has wears overal uniform
Weapons: unknown
Unleashes: unknown

Name: Waylon
gender: male
element: venus
Home: Luna main base
description: is a very powerfull earth adept. his physical strong and while do anything to he is own amuse. is 1 of greyfield best soldiers. has a big hate for jupiter adepts. will kill those if 1 is in sight. specialize in head to head combat. is over confidence in his own abilty,s
Looks: a very muscled man with sunglasses. wears a few clothing.
Weapons: the mace of agony and the hammer of destruction.
unleashes: mace of agony: death spikes, Hammer of destruction: blow of nothing.

Sol member let her you charchters chose his weapons.
story while starts if some atleast 1 sol member joinend it.

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will peace ever come?

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« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2012, 08:14:34 AM »
Name: Axel (Real name is Luxaria)
Gender: Male duh.
Element: Sol
Home: N/A
History: Lived in the Sol Clan since he was two. His parents were murdered by an unknown source and cause. Is a well known hero except when disguised as an assassin. Searched for the murders of his parents since 13. Never fights like a coward. He is constantly traveling and never lives in one place 2 times in a row. Has a couple Luna Clan friends, but they haven't contacted him recently. Always wields a two handed sword one handedly with ease.
Physical Description:
Is 6' 3'', is very muscular and strong (strong as in lifting up 2-3 full grown cows with 1 arm.) and usualy wears a white leather hooded cloak, and white leather gloves and boots. Has White angel like wings and a golden scarf. Has white shoulder length hair and bangs. Deep blue eyes. When disguised as an assassin, he wears black versions of his clothing and has red spikey hair and purple, makeup streaks on his cheeks.
Weapons: Sol Blade+; unleashes Meggido Fury. Flare Chakrams; unleashes Flame Heart.
How he speaks: Sometimes he speaks smartly and sarcastically, sometimes angrily, but most of the time seriously,
"Hmph this is wasteing my time."
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« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2012, 06:06:06 PM »
forsythe talks:

you young guys are acomplished with the task to defeat Greyfield.
he is a powerfull madmen.
i wishes you guys with luck. my the sol goddes with you.

you standing outside with a map.
the place of the luna clan is unknown.

will peace ever come?