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Leavings / You might have noticed, but…
« on: February 09, 2015, 07:28:54 AM »
I haven't posted here in over half a year. I've visited the site around 3 times in that timespan.

It's hard for me to say now that I'm actually typing something on this site, but this isn't going to change.

This place was good to me. It, quite honestly, was my first real foray into the internet, actually talking to people and thinking as opposed to just consuming content. It also helped me learn that I'm a lot better at expressing myself through writing than through speech, something that has helped me immensely over the past couple of years. This place was the reason why I got invested in video games. Before TLW, I played video games, but I was much more of a reader than a gamer. Talking with people online about games helped get me more interested in video games, as then I'd have more to talk about. I grew quite attached to this place, though there was a rough patch where I was going through a difficult time and tried to cut myself off by deleting my account. For those who were there, you know how long that lasted. For those who weren't there, I was in the chatbox the entire time, commenting on whatever was going on in the forums, and then I reactivated my account about a month later. I was still too attached to this place to leave.

However, some things began changing after I returned. One big factor was that I had found GSAR. While I was attached to TLW, GSAR was a community that I absolutely fell in love with and it gradually began taking up more and more of my time on the internet. I went from visiting TLW first when I go online to visiting GSAR first, and eventually starting to focus so much on GSAR and the fun I was having there that I often forgot to go onto TLW before I closed my computer.

Then, I also started changing personally. When I first got here, I was very content with quick, low quality posts on things like forum games and such. This was coming out of middle school, at which point I had social problems and was reaching out for as much social contact I could get that wasn't through school. Over time, that became the way I saw TLW: an easy way to talk to people and have fun, without the complications I was going through IRL. However, once I got older, got more mature, and my IRL social life began to play a bigger part in my life, I started wanting a more intellectual discussion, and I couldn't figure out how to have that here. It's not that it was impossible to at this place (because it's not), but I simply couldn't figure out how to change how I interacted with this place so I could enjoy it more.

Then, I started getting busy with school. Or, rather, I started trying harder at school, and that left me tired and with even less time than I had before. I cut down on the time I spent online, which cut down on the time I spent here.

Finally, because I want to be completely honest to honor the people here and the time I've invested into this site, I stopped coming on here because of Agatio. I will write this next part addressed directly to the person in question. If this is too much, feel free to get a mod to remove it. I'll leave it in white so that those who want to ignore it can do so easily. Simply highlight it if you want to read.

Agatio, when you first got here, I did not expect you to stay. But then you stayed. Then, I hoped that you would leave. You didn't leave. Interacting with you was frustrating beyond belief. When expressing an opinion, you would write it as fact and jump down the throat of anybody who dared to disagree. When I tried to explain to you that this was a problem, you blatantly ignored it. Repeatedly. You didn't address the points I brought up, try to change, explain, or even defend why you acted, and act, the way you did and do. Rather, you hid from the criticism and went on doing exactly what you had been doing, showing a complete disregard for the fact that there were human beings on the other end of the monitor, trying to communicate with you. Eventually, I realized you'd never listen. At that point, arguing with you felt pointless, but dealing with you was worse. Ignoring you was painful, since you were everywhere and one of the most active people on the forum at the time. Posting on here didn't just stop being fun for me, it became painful. I tried to connect so I could keep interacting with this place, the people here, in a way that was enjoyable, and I got absolutely nothing in return.

However, I've left now. Congratulations, you drove me away. Feel free to continue using this place as a way to puff up your own ego and force your opinion on others. It no longer affects me, and it only affects you if you want it to.

Maybe that was overly selfish. Maybe it was bitter. However, it was an honest reflection of how I felt every moment online, so I do not regret writing it.

Overall, I am thankful for this place. If I disliked, resented, or didn't care about this place, I would not bother taking the time to explain why I left. I feel as though you deserve an explanation, so here is the best explanation I can offer at this time.

I'm sorry I couldn't find a way to make it work out. If you want to talk to me, you can probably guess where to find me.

Thank you.


Soaktropolis - Village of Spam / ATTN: Star
« on: April 04, 2014, 02:04:18 AM »
I humbly request that you stop posting after making precisely 273 more posts. It is within your best interests, I assure you.

Leavings / Not going so far as to delete my account this time, but…
« on: October 04, 2013, 02:00:14 AM »
(21:48:20) Merc: …
(21:48:33) Merc: I'm taking a break from TLW
(21:53:16) Merc: I can't enjoy posting here anymore. I generally need more serious conversation and people who are willing to actually talk and let me get to know them to maintain interest, when I'm confronted with Scorp, who generally doesn't like to show too much of himself on the internet, and Star and Cheese, who tend to joke around and not really act seriously and not "give a flying !@#$" about things they read on the internet.
(21:54:23) Merc: When I try to make serious discussion, the discussion dies or is taken in a vastly different direction and I just feel disappointed.
(21:58:50) Merc: And Agatio's posts generally tend to piss me off, which doesn't help anything.
(21:59:08) Merc: I might not come back.
(21:59:57) Merc: I don't know yet

Aqerame - Village of games and movies / SSB Wii U/3ds topic
« on: June 12, 2013, 03:09:07 PM »
General discussion.

New ship confirmed canon

Suggestions / Name changes
« on: May 20, 2013, 03:35:23 PM »
Quote from: Rolina
See?  It's not just me!  There should be a rule or something.  Pick a name, make sure you want it, and now you can't change it for six months.  Or something like that.

Since this line of discussion was promptly shut down for being off topic, I decided to bring it up in a more fitting context. I know that several others here can get really annoyed by this hyperactive name changing, and it also makes it difficult for old members to come back, making them have to decipher who's who.

Problems / Can't browse on my phone
« on: April 21, 2013, 09:03:31 PM »
I get a "You have been banned from using this forum. This ban is not set to expire" message whenever I try to go onto the forum with my phone. I obviously am not banned from being on the forum, so why is this happening? Does anybody else have this problem?

Anime and Manga / Any animes you're watching right now?
« on: April 10, 2013, 01:23:36 AM »
I just finished watching the opening episode of the Devil Survivor 2 animation. I love it, I love the game, I'm going to enjoy my Thursdays much more for a while.

Soaktropolis - Village of Spam / Pick Merc's next Avatar!
« on: April 09, 2013, 07:26:45 PM »
I have decided that my current avatar is too old, and I can't decide on what to do next. Therefore, you guys get to choose! Post an image in here and it'll be considered. I may veto certain suggestions, but I'll keep that to a minimum.

I'll stop taking suggestions on saturday and then put a poll up.

Introductions and Returns / Those who will be missed
« on: March 29, 2013, 02:35:20 AM »
Those who left with no explanation, those who left permanently with an explanation, and those who left on…bad…notes, this is the place to catalogue their names so that we will, at the very least, remember them. If you were before my time or remember someone I forgot, please remind me and everyone else, as my memory is horrible.

  • IsaacIvan
  • Ailanthus
  • Altearithe
  • Renny
  • SI4E/Annalise Davidson
  • RhenChel20♥
  • Djinnman
  • SuperTeeter64
  • Carnivorous M.
  • Aprilmarie
  • Ivan Matthews
  • Purple Pheonix
  • Winged~Princess
  • EvilBLT
  • Sparkx

And should any of these people come back, may TLW rejoice.


What do you guys think on the topic? Personally, this is exactly what I think when people make such a big fuss over games and genres they don't like. Actually, I think this extends to the big deal people make over pop music nowadays: they rail and hate on it because it's not something they like while not even bothering to consider why people enjoy it.

Leavings / Quick note
« on: March 14, 2013, 11:18:42 PM »
I'm not gone, but I'm currently on vacation in London, which makes it a little difficult for me to post regularly. I'm getting back on Tuesday, so I'll be posting more then. Hopefully.

Soaktropolis - Village of Spam / Our Youtube selves >_>
« on: March 08, 2013, 03:39:53 AM »

Aquoius - Village of General Chat / The Rant thread
« on: March 03, 2013, 08:21:30 PM »
In here, we don't care what you're talking about, but if you're passionate about it then rant to your heart's content.

The only rules are as follows:
  • Please refrain from talking about other users in a way that might offend them. That sort of thing is better left for pms. If you really want to talk about someone in rant form, then clear it with them first.
  • While it's fine to get so into a rant that your grammar/spelling/punctuation can't quite keep up, please try to make sure that people can at least understand what you're trying to say.
  • This thread is purely for rants. Please save discussion for the discussion topic, found here.

Aquoius - Village of General Chat / Rant thread discussion
« on: March 03, 2013, 08:21:10 PM »
This is the place to talk/respond to other people's rants(Rant thread found here). No rules other than to keep it civil.

Introductions and Returns / You don't even have a clue
« on: February 28, 2013, 10:34:22 PM »
how awkward this feels. I have honestly no idea what to say. I guess I'll start off by saying that I'm back, and then move on to apologize for lying to you guys about me being completely gone (It was unintentional, I swear). Then I'll have a couple other things to say, but that won't take too long.

1. I'm back. Bam, check that off of the list.
Quote from: Mercury
I guess I'll start off by saying that I'm back,
2. Now here's the meat of this return. What was happening when I was deciding to leave was that I had just gotten my report card for my fall semester, and it quite wasn't on par with what I was expecting. I apparently bombed my math final (When I had done incredibly on every other test and quiz in that class) and while I worked incredibly hard on my Hum final, it was just "good". My grades weren't awful, but I was so proud of the work I put in and seeing that just crushed me. Then there was drama with my family, and then stuff happened here that just threw me over the edge.

But I should have realized then that it wasn't really going to happen. First off, I decided to stay in the cottage, which is kinda weird considering I was so done with this place. Then the drama that pushed me over the edge on the forums moved into the chatroom, and nothing really changed. So I started thinking that there wasn't really any difference between me not being here and me being here, and that kept moving around in my head. I eventually decided that it was stupid to leave in the first place. So here I am.

3. Note 1: To the two people who asked me if I left because of them: No, I didn't.
Note 2: To the people that I dislike: I have made it obvious to you. Don't try to change it. If it does change it'll have to happen over a period of time, so don't try to force it.
Note 3: I love this forum too much to ever really leave. If I ever do something like this again, please yell at me for doing so.
Final Note: I am so, so sorry for leaving.

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