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« on: November 11, 2012, 05:44:33 AM »
I am tired of going to zelda forums and finding out that i cant use a canon character. I want a quiet little forum where i can RP as a canon character and be happy. There is no forum like that so i want to ask people who have successfully created a forum (like sea and anyone else) how to make a forum, and a website for that matter. I will not steal ideas from anyone and keep the forum at a limited size. I will not abandon this forum because it is amazing.

I just want to create a small rp zelda community and use canon characters i am tired of not being able to use canon characters. so someone please give me a tutorial to make a free rp forum/website.

If you do not wish to tell me how i will not get mad or anything. i understand that you might feel that i would try to steal something from you.

I will give credit to people who helped if i create this site.

Thank You and good day.
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