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Hey guys,

I swear this is the last time I'll pester you with this: We're about to do our final part of the run this weekend!

We've completed 18 hours of the run and now we're moving into the final stage. We're going to complete the run in our last burst to the finish line. We're running on the 14th of March from 10am-4pm CDT (3pm-9pm GMT) or longer or shorter; we're playing until the end! The back runner Diem will begin having just finished Jupiter Lighthouse and obtained the flying boat, as he progressed through the story other runners will join him as he catches up with their location.

We are doing this to raise money for MSF, please donate if you can to this amazing charity. We're currently at 93% of our goal! As ever viewers that donate more than $10 will be sent a specially designed thank you card along with stickers and bookmark to commemorate your contribution if you want one please provide an address via our email your address will not be kept or used for anything else.

Please join us on the day on twitch:

Please, please consider donating what you can by going here:

Hey guys, back again.

We're doing what we hope to be the last part of the run on Saturday the 24th of January (the weekend after next) at 3pm-9pm GMT (9am-3pm CST). There are still cards available to donors. And the place to donate is still


The first thank you cards are being prepared to be sent today, so if you want one: donate $10 and let me know your address via pm or an email to (if you have already donated that's fine, let me know the name you donated under and your address)

To donate see our fundrasing page:

Part 2 is done and the eastern sea was challenging for our runners: Sagie, after tackling Gaia Rock twice had to leave after losing her save a second time. Catman bravely charged at the Serpent 3 times before finally overcoming the beast. I got lost at Ankohl Ruins and ran circles around it wasting much time.

These and many other difficulties slowed our movement, but it was well worth it as our donation total went to $433, 86% of our target! And our front runners: Sleeping Seaweed and A Toxic Potato Steamed ahead making it to Jupiter Lighthouse.

Part 3 of our quest will be put on hold as we come up to the Christmas season. We will be completing our mission in January.
Any runners who haven't already made it further will catch up as far as Lemuria and those that are ahead will start from where they are.

Runners: Please fill out this poll to let us know what weekends are good for you. Note:
-Time zones can be selected in the top right, make sure you know what time zone it is showing you.
-Click 'show all 18 options', then type in your name and start filling in which days you can do.
-If you select the (yes) option it will be orange indicating you can make it, but would rather a different slot would be chosen.
Once everyone has filled it in we'll pick the best date between us.
You you will also need to catch up: anyone who hasn't finished Lemuria you need to progress to this point: You should go to Lemuria, do all the cut scenes, leave then re-enter grind the rock to get to Ancient Lemuria, obtain the Djinn there and leave again. You should start from here next time:

New Runners: Same as before you're welcome to join us, but you will need to catch up and time yourself or I can send you my save file and you can pick up from my location with my time (You will also need to donate at least $5 to doctors without boarders).  please get in contact with me if you want to join.

Current Times (and locations):
Sleeping Seaweed: 11 hours 30 minutes (Jupiter Lighthouse) (actual time: 8 hours 45 minutes)
A Toxic Potato: 12 hours (in Jupiter Lighthouse)
Sagie: 7 hours 17 minutes (tackling Aqua Rock)
Miva: 12 hours 42 minutes (part way through Lemuria)
Robert Joe: 13 hours 10 minutes (Tundra Tower)
Catman: 15 hour 30 minutes (On the way to Tundra Tower)
Diem: 16 hours 20 minutes (Ankohl Ruins)

Current Times:
Sleeping Seaweed: 6 hours (actual time: 3 hours 14 minutes)
A Toxic Potato: 6 hours
Sagie: 6 hours 17 minutes
Miva: 6 hours 42 minutes
Robert Joe: 7 hours 10 minutes
Catman: 9 hour 30 minutes
Diem: 10 hours 20 minutes

Sleeping Seaweed caught up in a stagering 3 hours 14 minutes, but we're still counting the 1st run as 6 hours unfortunatly, since we took breaks and such as we played. I've no doubt Seaweed will over take us in no time regardless :D
Sagie will start her part of the run in 20 minutes, the rest of us will start in an hour and 20.

Watch us here:

I realize I wrote EST when I meant CST, so that's 10am-4pm CST. Sorry.

It's still not to late to sign up to play, but let me know asap. Even if you don't have a save file to start at the same place as us I can help you by sending my file.

It's cool, thanks. Sorry if I sounded annoyed, I more assumed that I was being a pest.

You should still come and watch (if you want and have time) to support us and make the chat interesting :D even if you can't donate.

Not that anyone here is paying much attention, but some copy pasta for you:
The run went really well. We've made $280 so far, if anyone enjoyed watching, but didn't get around to donating: you can  click here to give. If you can, please consider giving to Doctors Without Boarders. They do amazing work, the doctors risk their lives go out to dangerous places and give what help they can.

As for the Run, we each made it to various stages, but the front runner was 'A Toxic Potato' who managed to make his way to fight the Aqua Hydra on the ship giving him access to the eastern Ocean. So big well done to him!

The second 6 hour stint of the run will take place on the 6th of December (2 weekends from now) and will be starting an hour later, that means 10am-4pm CST which is 4pm-10pm GMT.
The plan is for us to all begin again from the same point next run. This means runners need to catch up with 'A Toxic Potato' during the next too weeks. They will obtain Piers and the black orb, go to the ship, fight the Aqua Hydra and place the black orb in the ship: watch the resulting cut scene. And we'll all start here:

They'll record the time it takes them so the final leader board may look very different to how the race is going each session.

New runners: You can still join us! All you need to do is catch up with us: get to your ship between now and the 6th and donate $5. Please record the time it took you so we can add you to the results.
Some of the runners didn't pay for their run last time, so this time streams will not be advertised in the multitwitch and participants will not be part of the skype chat until they have donated. If you cannot pay for what ever reason please tell us your situation and perhaps we can work something out. (I should clarify that it's $5 for the whole thing, not per session, though obviously the more you give the better.)

Hey again,

We decided to raise money for Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Boarders) who are an independent humanitarian medical aid organisation. They are committed to providing medical aid where it is most needed, regardless of race, religion, politics or gender and also to raising awareness of the plight of the people they help. You might have heard more recently about the work they're doing fighting the Ebola outbreak.

The plan is to invite everyone to "run along" with us as we play Golden Sun: The Lost Age. We will be racing to beat the game in a number of 6 hour bursts. Starting on the 22nd of November from 9am-3pm CST (3pm-9pm GMT) though these times may change slightly.

We want as many people to play along side us (streaming if possible) as we can get. We ask that everyone taking part donates at least $5, but anyone can watch along even if you can't donate. We're going to have a big skype chat with everyone whose playing (streaming or not). Those that want to transfer data from GS1: we will be providing our passwords (approx. lvl 25), you can use your own, but for fairness' sake please do not use data with characters higher than level 30.

Also I've volunteered to go a bit further to thank donators: those that donate more than $10 (whether they participate or not) will be sent a specially designed thank you card along with stickers to commemorate your contribution (provided they are willing to give an address, which will not be used for anything else I swear).

If you want to take part please either pm me here or email with the name you have/plan to donated under, you're twitch/skype account and an address if you want a thank you card. We'll get you on the list and send you updates on this event including future dates. I personally promise if you email us we will not use your email for anything beyond the scope of this event.

I'll keep dropping by with updates as they come.

We are planning to keep the fund raising going by tackling TLA in 6 hour bursts. This time we want more people to join us and stream along side. We also want to donate to a different cause and are discussing who.

If anyone is interested you can join the discussion here:

Otherwise once everything is decided I'll swing by again to let you know.

Hi guys, long time no sea  ;)

Me and Sagie from Sunrise are going to do a Golden Sun marathon on Saturday for Extra Life.

Extra Life is like a gaming marathon to benefit Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Last weekend, thousands of gamers worldwide played games for 24 hours to raise money for Extra Life: Save the Kids, all of which went to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals all around the world.

The admins of Golden Sunrise: Miva and Sagie, are going to do our bit too: from 5am to 5pm CDT on Saturday (10am-10pm GMT) we will be racing to see which of us can complete the first Golden Sun game fastest. This is not a speed-run, we're just ordinary folks, but we'll be racing and trying to raise money for these kids.

Please consider donating to this cause, and checking out our race on Saturday. You can donate at the link below--the suggested donation is $1 an hour, so just $12. It's tax-deductible and all of it goes to the kids. You can also check out our Twitch stream when it goes live Saturday morning. We'll upload everything later too for anyone that misses it.

To donate see our Extra Life page,
To watch us on Saturday here is our Stream.

Even if you can't donate, please help us by sharing this info with everyone you know, especially other GS fans. We'd love it if you'd come watch our stream and cheer us on.

Aqerame - Village of games and movies / Re: General Final Fantasy Thread
« on: August 21, 2014, 04:39:29 PM »
I only have mine because my dad got one free with his phone contract and never used it, so he handed it down to me. I been catching up with a few games that never came out on pc. Apparently Neir was meant to be a good jrpg too: different kind of thing, but good in its own way.

Aqerame - Village of games and movies / Re: General Final Fantasy Thread
« on: August 20, 2014, 01:31:20 PM »
You liked Jansen? I can't stand him, not only is he annoying as hell he tried to date rape the queen, and she didn't even seem to care....

Aqerame - Village of games and movies / Re: General Final Fantasy Thread
« on: August 19, 2014, 05:37:37 PM »
How you got into the series: I think X was my first, then I started picking up some of the earlier games. I have I, II, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, X, X-2 and XII, but the only ones I finished were X and X-2. Actually I also have and completed crystal chronicles.
Favorite game: VI, I really wish I'd finished it, but I went back to it after a long time and my memory card lost all my saves.
Favorite protagonists: It always used to be all the rogues, I was rogue crazy back then, also any of the sexy brooding men XD Not sure who my favourites are any more.
Favorite Antagonists: I remember Kefka being kinda cool/creepy.
Favorite moments: Can't think of any at the moment.

Has anyone played Lost Odessy? I picked it up recently and I'm quite enjoying it. I think it's made by some of the guys that used to make final fantasy, it certainly feels that way. The only think I'm not liking so far is that I'm finding the characters really unlikable.

Aquoius - Village of General Chat / Re: Your most recent purchase?
« on: July 17, 2014, 09:34:16 AM »
This was the last think I brought:

So pretty!

My boyfriend has an Alestorm album.

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