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Halcyonic Legend:
To everyone changing their names, you must post it here, as to avoid confusion.
Identify yourself using your old username and your new one.
As always, the name needs to abide to the Rules of the Forum

Thank you!
- The Lost Waters Team (kinda)

Star Magician:
Thank you, Legend. Hopefully this will stop the confusion and complaining. (hopefully)

The complaining has to do with the frequency of the changes, not that they can't be seen.

Halcyonic Legend:
I agree, Rolina, but I cannot do anything about it. Sea can only change settings.

Each person who changes their name more than once should only modify their previous post, not have 30,000 on here.  But should just make a list for a reference point for anyone absent for a long period.   Not helpful to know someone's most recent previous name when you weren't around for that one either.


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