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Hi, my name is Shadowfyst997, but you can just call me Shadow. I'm the Community Manager over at Golden Sunrise.. I've been meaning to come over here and introduce myself proper for a while, so here I am!


Well, anyways XD I know the forum is fairly inactive, but i do see that there are people who check on the regular, even if it is only a few people. Hopefully, I'll be able to help stir up activity ^.^ Anyways, greetings Lost Waters!

Star Magician:
ello guvna

Hello Xd I see you like NIS! My favorite of them was definitely Soul Nomad. Where's our Soul Nomad port guize D: Also played a bit of Makai kingdom, but as it turned out, i really liked the mechanics of SN much more then the rest of the NIS games XD I'll probably finish it one day, and I also want to get my hands on Phantom Brave.

Star Magician:
My favorite franchises from NIS are Disgaea and Ar Tonelico.
I haven't played Soul Nomad, I still have Makai Kingdom sitting on my shelf unplayed, and I'm still only at the beginning of Phantom Brave, which I haven't played in ages. I should probably fix these problems lol.

Did you get to play Grand Kingdom? That game turned out rather well and has some interesting online features.

No, I've never heard of Grand Kingdom, i'll look into it :o Also, Only real reason i want to play Phantom BRave is because a character from it is a big character in Soul Nomad. Won't say who though. Also, another sorta NIS gamer i like, Grimgrimmoire, has a charcter show up in Soul nomad, as a secret bonus boss.


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